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Who We Are

Together we live and love and dream. We are explorers, travelers, adventurers.
We are artists. We are storytellers. We are straight up moment junkies. We value life. We value memories. We value moments, not things.

Studio Blue

Brooke is very likely the most well-caffeinated human you will ever meet. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but still. Coffee is her creative juice. The nectar of Heaven. Sunshine in a cup. Albeit, black sunshine. She is inspired by music and nature and the ultimate Artist – the Creator of all things.

Brian is the guy who’s always looking for the next big thing and will never forget that HUGE box of VHS tapes he inherited from his Grandaddy. He knew that there had to be a better way to watch all of those videos, instead of pulling out the VCR. And bam, he was able to come up with a solution that just made sense!

Brooke and Brian live in the little mountain town of Clarkesville, Georgia, where their kids make them laugh on the daily. They are best friends, soul mates, and life-long dreamers and do-ers.

When Brian’s not digitizing media, he’s working on Brian Buffington Music, getting geeky with educators in NE GA, or making memories with the fam. You can find Brooke out and about North Georgia, cooking up some healthy meals, teaching PiYo classes, raising up fellow boss babes, and blogging about it all at Explore Joy.