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Sandi S. (Sanford, FL) Summer 2016

I used Brian's services to transfer about 20 tapes that covered 30 years with 3 different types of film. What an awesome experience it was to be able to have them on on 1 little device, with subtitles and dates, and a choice of what I wanted to see. Brian also took the time to explain to me how to view them on my 'not so smart' TV. We watched some footage at Christmas while our family gathered around the TV. We laughed and awed at so many things we had forgotten about. Brian did all of this in a timely manner and I felt completely safe turning my cherished memories over to him. All of this was done for a price that more than 50% below what is being currently charged by others.

Holton K. (Cornelia, GA) Fall 2016

StudioBlue IS the Bomb. Over 100 miniDVD and VCR tapes converted digitally, now on my computer and a saveable stick, Chromecast for TV viewing!! What else could you ask for? I HIGHLY recommend Brian for your conversion needs!! It was something I wanted to do for MANY years and within a few days, Presto Bingo!! Now they are labeled, catalogued in the sequence in which they were taken and ready with a click of the button to view!! Give him a shout!!

Tim. S (Commerce, GA) Winter 2017

I can totally vouch for this guy. He does great work very quickly! I totally trust him with my tapes!